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Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia



November 2010 - Neck Armour

Winter is rushing up for an attack and we all need a little weather protection. Here are a couple of basic neckwarmer patterns to employ in defending a vulnerable area

All examples are done in a worsted weight gauge, approximately 18 stitches in 4 inches (10 cm.), using 4.5 mm. needle (16 inch or 40 cm. circular). Note: Feel free to go up or down a needle size to suit your personal tension and taste regarding the firmness of the fabric.


Example 1: Portland Tweed, 1 skein

Cast on 90 stitches and join into a round, placing a marker at the join and moving it up with each completed round.

Fan and Feather Pattern:

  • Round 1: Knit
  • Round 2: Knit
  • Round 3: *(K2 tog.) 3 times, (YO, K1) 6 times, SSK 3 times* repeat around to marker
  • Round 4: Knit

Knit in fan and feather pattern for 7 inches (18 cm.) or to desired length. Two rounds or so of garter stitch finishes off and slightly spreads the bottom of your neckwarmer to ease around the base of the neck. Cast off loosely. Weave in threads.

Example 2: Fleece Artist 4 ply sock yarn, double strand, 1 skein

A double strand of 4 ply sock yarn makes a very good worsted weight gauge and Fleece Artist Casbah, Blue-Faced Leicester sock yarn or any of the merino sock yarn blends are lovely for the neck to wear too.



Note: As this pattern is based upon a round of 90 stitches, most rib combinations which can divide evenly into 90 could theoretically be substituted for the two used in the examples.

Example 3: Blackstone Tweed, 1 skein

Cast on 90 stitches and join into a round, placing a marker at the join if desired.

Rib: *Knit 2, Purl 2* repeat to the end of the round and do this every round. Work in this rib pattern for 7 and 1/2 inches (19 cm.) or to desired length. Cast off in rib preferably and rather loosely. Weave in ends.

Note: A size larger needle was used for the last two inches (4 cm.) of this example in order to spread the rib slightly to ease aroud the base of the neck.

Example 4: 2 colours of Berroco Ultra Alpaca, less than 1 skein each

This example was done following the directions for example 3 but employing a Knit 1, Purl 2 rib instead. Approximately 3 inches of colour 1 was worked, followed by 4 inches of colour 2 and ending with 1/2 inch of colour 1.

Note: * The basic rib neck armour folded over makes a great headband to keep your head and ears cozy too. *

Keep warm!

-Shirlene Greer