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Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia


October 2011 - Felted Cell Pod

MATERIALS: Galway Worsted Weight or Cascade, about 20 g.

NEEDLES: 5 mm. double points or to give approximate gauge

GAUGE: about 3 and 1/2 sts. per inch in garter stitch, unfelted

NON-FELTED SIZE: lower part: 6 3/4", lid: 3 3/4", width: 4"

FELTED SIZE: lower part: 4 1/2", lid: 2 1/2", width: 3"

(Pictured above: Cascade Cell Version & Fritidsgarn Cell Version)


Cell phones and cameras sometimes need a little protection to avoid scratches, moisture and dirt. These little pods or cases are a simple answer and can be custom-fitted to the device with a little care in the shrinking process. The fabric of the pod makes it easy to find when feeling around for it in your bag or pocket.

To make your Cell Pod, first we need to cast 28 stitches on one of the double-pointed needles.

Beginning at the bottom, we are going to knit a little bag, both sides at once, using 2 needles. To do this we knit both sides separately, but in one step, by alternating slip and knit stitches in the same row. If this sounds complicated, it isn't really, just repeat : *Knit 1, slip 1 (purl-wise),* to the end of the row which ends with a slip stitch. Turn your work and knit the next row in the same way. You will be knitting the slipped stitches and slipping the knit stitches and thus working both sides as you go up. Continue doing this for approximately 6 3/4 inches.

If you have slipped and knit faithfully in order, when you remove the needle and carefully separate the two layers you will have front and back of the bag. Working gingerly so as not to lose the live stitches, put 14 stitches on each of 2 needles above the front and back sides.

Front and Back Separated-14 stitches on each needle

Next, bind off the 14 stitches from what becomes the front edge of the pod. Knit to last of the stitches remaining and to make a neater join, if needed, knit 2 together with the next st. of the ones on the back needle.

Continue working along on the remaining 14 stitches to create the cover flap. Do this in stocking stitch instead of garter stitch. I made the knit side the outside. Work 3 3/4 inches and bind off. Sew in ends.

The finished item is felted in a hot water cycle in the washing machine, checked periodically until the correct size is achieved. More cycles may be required. Roll in a towel to remove excess water. Wrap phone in plastic wrap before trying for size. Pat into shape and air dry.

Needle-felt embellishments if desired. A snap, cord or button and loop closure can be added.

Fritidsgarn, single strand, using 20 sts. gives a slightly thicker variation.

Finished Galway Version



Use Fritidsgarn single strand (7mm. needles) or Galway or Cascade double-stranded (7 mm. needle) for a thicker and larger pod. About 35 g. of material are required. 24 stitches for the Fritisgarn and 24 for the Cascade or Galway doubled seems right. Unfelted dimensions are approximately: bottom: 7 1/4", lid: 4 1/4 " and width: about 4 ". Felted dimensions: bottom: 5" (Fritidsgarn) or 5 1/2" Galway, lid: 3" Fritidsgarn or Galway, width: 3 1/2" Fritidsgarn or 3" Galway. Slight variations in sizes are to be expected and are usually not critical. Just check shrinkage when felting and stretch slightly into shape, for width and especially around the opening, when wet, to allow entry of device.

Use in good health! Excellent Christmas stocking stuffer.

--Shirlene Greer