Have a Yarn

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia


October 2008

Wrist Warmers

1 skein “River” Fleece Artist heavy worsted wt yarn (alpaca, silk, merino)
4 mm double point needles (set of 5)
stitch markers

Instructions are given for Lady’s med/large, men’s in brackets. If you want a smaller version, go down a needle size.

Gauge: 4.5 to 5 sts per inch over stocking st on 4 mm needles


Cast on 35 (41) stitches on double points
Divide: 9,9,9,8 (10,10,10,11)
Place a marker to mark beginning of rounds and knit 3 rounds.
Purl 2 rounds then continue knitting every round until approx 4 ½ (5 ½ ) “
Next round decrease 1 st on ea needle 31 sts, (37) sts
Knit a further 2 inches: 6 ½ (7 ½ ) inches from cast on.
Next round increase 1 st per needle 35 (41) sts
And knit 4 rounds (6 rounds)
Begin thumb gusset:
Knit 1, place marker, m1, knit2, m1, place a marker; knit to end of round. Work 2 rounds plain knitting.
Repeat these 3 rounds (making 1 new stitch after the 1st marker and before the 2nd marker) until 14 sts between markers (16 sts between markers).
Cast off the 14 (16) sts between markers and knit to end of round.
Next round when you come to the cast off sts cast on 2 sts in this way: turn your work around (so that the wrong side is facing you) and use the cable cast on: insert right needle to the left of the 1st st on the needle and from this position knit a stitch and slip it to the left needle. Remove the right needle and repeat to give you 2 new sts. Now turn the work back the way it was and continue knitting until 2 to 3 inches long (from thumb opening).
Purl 3 rounds and cast off.

--Heather Tunnah