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July 2012 - Change Your Socks

Are you tired of knitting the same old style cuff on your socks? The K2, P2 cuff? I personally like to change it up at times and here are 2 of my favorite cuffs.


The Ruffled Cuff
I love this cuff, especially for little girls and it is so simple that no one need to fear trying it. For example, if you usually cast on 40 sts. for a child's sock, you just 'double' the cast on sts. to 80sts. (44sts, CO 88sts., 48sts, CO 96sts. and so on). For a Ladies sock, if you normally cast on 64sts. you would cast on 128sts.

The secret to the ruffle is:

Cast on twice the # of stitches

Row 1: Purl all sts.
Row 2: Knit all sts.
Row 3: Knit 2tog., repeat to end.
Row 4: You now start knitting a 2x2 rib to your own desired length.

I like about a 1" 2x2 rib, not including the ruffle for children. If you are making a Ladies sock you may want to repeat Row 2 at least one more time to give it some extra length. Continue with your favorite sock pattern.


The Roll-Down Cuff

Another favorite, especially for little boys is the Roll-Down Cuff. It too is so very easy to do. Simply cast on your normal amount of sts.

Cast on 40, 44, 48 sts., etc.

Knit about 8 rows of stocking st. These rows will gradually roll down by themselves. If you would like a bit heavier looking roll, knit a couple more rows.

Now you are ready to start your 2x2 rib for approx. another inch or your desired length. Continue on with your favorite sock pattern.

What could be simpler?

I would also like to suggest that you think on your creative side and mix and match the cuffs and socks. We all have those left-over little balls of sock yarn just hanging around not knowing what to do with them. Those little balls are perfect for your new cuffs. It takes hardly any amount of yarn to do a ruffle or roll-down so dig out those lost and forgotten little balls and put them to good use.

I'd also like to remind you that we at Have a Yarn have moved to a bigger and brighter location, just next door to where we once were. Go to our Home page, enjoy the pictures and if you get the chance to visit Mahone Bay, drop in and introduce yourself. We are always excited to meet new friends and where they call home. With the move we have also added about 25 new sock yarns to our shelves and there's more to come this Fall. I hate to tell you this but Christmas is only 6 months away, it's time to start stockpiling your sock supply for Christmas giving!

So enjoy and have a wonderful Happy Knitting Summer,
Karen Simmons