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March 2010 - Felted Mitts

Before winter lets go it's grip on us, I thought I would like to share a great simple felted mitten pattern. The original was designed to use Fritidsgarn wool (50 g = 70m, 5.5mm needle gives a gauge of 3.75 sts/inch or 15 sts over 4 inches) used with a strand of kitten mohair (50 g = 165m, 19 sts over 4 inches on a 4 or 4.5 mm needle - *see grey mitten). However I have made a great pair out of yarns in my stash that combined wool and alpaca (*see brown mitten). Why not start ahead now for next Christmas ? They are quick to knit and really warm to wear.


Fritidsgarn and Kitten Mohair Felted Mittens

7 mm needles, double pointed
2 50 g skeins of Fritidsgarn
1 50 g skein of Kitten Mohair
OR blend of wool and mohair or alpaca to give a gauge of 3 sts per inch (that you know will felt!)

*NOTE hold both yarns together and knit using a double strand.

Loosely cast on 24 (28) sts and arrange on 3 (or 4) double pointed needles. (You can use a safety pin or piece of yarn to mark your first round). Work in the round knitting every round for 2 ½ to 3 inches.
Increase 2 sts 26 (30), knit 2 rounds.
Begin thumb gusset:
Knit across 12 (14) sts place marker, M1, k1, M1, place marker, knit to end of round.
Knit one round.
Next round, knit to marker, slip marker, M1, knit to next marker, M1, slip marker knit to end of round. Knit 1 round without increasing. Repeat these 2 rounds until there are 9 (11) sts between markers. Knit 4 more rounds.

Thumb opening: Knit to 1st marker, remove it, put stitches between it and next marker on a holder (or piece of yarn) and remove next marker. Cast on 3 sts to bridge the gap left by gusset and knit to end of round. (28, 32 sts)
Knit without further shaping for 4 (4.5–5) inches (measured from thumb opening)
Begin decreases for top of mitt:
Rnd 1: *K5 (6) k2tog* repeat from * to * to end of round
Rnd 2: Knit
Decrease 4 sts (working 1 less knit st between decreases) in this manner every other round until there remains 12 sts.
K2tog all round, break yarn, using darning needle thread yarn through remaining sts and sew in on inside of mitt.

Put gusset sts from holder on double pointed needle, pick up and knit 4 sts over gap and join. 13 (15) sts. Knit 1 round then decrease 1 st to 12 (14) sts. Note: when it is time to weave the loose ends you can close the gap that is at the base of the thumb. It will disappear after the mitten is felted.
Knit for 2 ¾ inches and next round k2tog all round. Cut yarn, thread through sts and sew in end on inside of thumb.

Felting Instructions:
Wash in washing machine set on low water level, hot wash, cold rinse with a pair of jeans or something that will beat them around a lot. It may take 2 washes. Use soap or detergent.

- Heather Tunnah