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Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia


January 2013 - Felted Hat in Galway Yarn

Felted hats are one of the best ways to ensure a warm head and ears in the cold months. Felted items completely block the wind and wool is a sure way to stay dry. It’s no surprise that this felted hat pattern has become one of our most popular. Since the hat is knit entirely with a double stand, one can mix colours to make a heathered look or stick with the same colour for a classic solid colour. The main body of the pattern is for the standard turned up brim. The first variation is for the wider turned up brim and the second is for the toque version.

Materials: 2 skeins of Galway or equivalent 100% wool, worsted weight
8 mm circular needles, 24” (60cm) works best
stitch marker
Double pointed set of 4 or 5 8 mm needles
+*#?! Please note: Knit entire hat using double strand of yarn!*+#?!

With a double stand of yarn, cast on 100 stitches loosely on circulars.
Join and place a marker at beginning of round; knit even for 2".
Decrease 10 sts around (90 sts.): *k8, k2tog – repeat from * for 1 round.
Knit evenly for 3" (total of 5" now knit)
*(knit 3, knit 2 tog, k2, k2tog) repeat from * for 1 round (70 sts)

Knit 8" more (13" total from the beginning)

Row1: K2tog, K5
Row2: K
Row3: K2, K2tog (change to DP needles now) (45 sts)
Row4: K
Row5: K2tog, K1 (30sts)
Row6: K
Row 7: K2tog around (15 sts)
Row 8: K
Then K2tog around until you have about 6 sts left.

With a tapestry needle, thread remaining stitches onto tail of yarn; pull tight. Bring tail to the inside of hat and sew in ends.
Felt in washing machine on strongest cycle using HOT wash with detergent and COLD rinse. Add another item such as jeans to really bash the hat around. (Don’t use a towel- you’ll be picking fluff off your hat for months). At the end of the rinse cycle, remove hat while damp and shape over your head or some other appropriately shaped object. If still too large, wash again (checking every few minutes) - if too small, s t r e t c h it!

*A further variation is to K the first 100 sts for 3" (instead of 2") and then do 2" on the 90 sts. This creates a wider turned up brim.

*For a tube shaped toque, cast on 70 stitches and knit 13" to 15" and then do decreases for crown. You will get a nice rolled brim toque.